TotalLab is a specialist software developer for biotech, pharmaceuticals, and life science industries, boasting over 20 years of experience. TotalLab offers advanced software services for equipment manufacturers, bespoke solutions for life science companies, and off-the-shelf products to tackle scientific challenges, automate workflows, and enable FDA 21 CFR Part 11/GMP regulatory compliance. Totallab provides the following software:

Phoretix 1D Phoretix Array Phoretix Colony Phoretix Toolbox CLIQS 1D Pro SameSpots SpotMap
Advanced Microarray, ELISA, ELIFA, Dot and Slot blot image analysis software
Phoretix Array is the latest evolution of our array assay-based image analysis software and has been developed in line with industry needs and feedback to deliver the highest-quality data in the shortest amount of time.It offers users the ability to quickly and easily define a square grid of wells for quantification in experiments based within an array/plate format. Once defined, the user has a number of options to remove background “noise” from wells, define negative and positive controls, normalise their wells and automatically mark wells as present or absent.Phoretix Array is the complete solution for analysing plate-based experiments, it offers:

  • Speed. Automate your entire analysis and get results in less than a minute per image.
  • Objectivity. Unmatched automation reduces the need for manual intervention and minimises inter-operator variability.
  • Reproducibility. Consistent analysis results between different users, labs and different imaging devices.
  • Quantitation. Enables reliable, accurate quantitation of plate images.
  • 21 CFR/GMP-compliant Meet FDA 21 CFR part 11/EU Annex 11/GAMP5 GMP compliance for regulated environments, from captured image through to final analysis and report production.

Phoretix 1D is compatible with the latest versions of both Windows (currently Windows 11) and macOS operating systems (up to and including Ventura and M1/M2 processors).

Multiple experiments, one piece of analysis software

Phoretix Array is ideal for the quantitative analysis of:

    • Dot and slot blots
    • ELISA Assays
    • ELIFA Assays
    • Microtitre plates
    • DNA or RNA Microarrays
    • Zebrafish assay in plates
    As with all our software, Phoretix Array has been designed with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to minimise the time required to train new operators. Our simplified workflow guides the user through their analysis whilst leaving a large, central viewing area of the image and data being analysed.

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