TotalLab is a specialist software developer for biotech, pharmaceuticals, and life science industries, boasting over 20 years of experience. TotalLab offers advanced software services for equipment manufacturers, bespoke solutions for life science companies, and off-the-shelf products to tackle scientific challenges, automate workflows, and enable FDA 21 CFR Part 11/GMP regulatory compliance. Totallab provides the following software:

Phoretix 1D Phoretix Array Phoretix Colony Phoretix Toolbox CLIQS 1D Pro SameSpots SpotMap
Advanced Image Analysis Software

Phoretix Toolbox is a general purpose tool to facilitate analysis of images from a wide range of experiments – including 1D and 2D gel analysis, stained tissue sections, live animal images, phosphor images, area measurements, simple image profiles and many more. It is not optimised for any particular workflow so  you are not restricted to a single type of analysis when you use this module. We have distilled our twenty years’ worth of experience supporting the life science industry into Phoretix Toolbox to deliver our most advanced set of analysis tools yet to analyse images.

Phoretix Toolbox is the complete solution for analysing images, it offers:
    • Speed. By only including the most commonly required tools for analysis we have kept the software simple yet powerful.
    • Reproducibility. Consistent analysis results between different users, labs and different imaging devices.
    • Quantitation. Enables reliable, accurate quantitation of images.
    • 21 CFR/GMP compliant Meet FDA 21 CFR part 11/EU Annex 11/GAMP5 GMP compliance for compliant labs, for analysis and report production.
    Phoretix Toolbox is compatible with the latest versions of both Windows (currently Windows 11) and macOS operating systems (up to and including Ventura).

Analyse a huge variety of experiments
                                                                                        Due to it’s flexibility, Phoretix Toolbox is the perfect choice for the quantitative analysis of:
    • DNA/RNA Gels
    • Immunoblots
    • Tissue Sections
    • Live animal imaging
    • 2D Gels and blots
    • Histology slides
    • Northern Blots
    • Southern Blots
    • Thin-layer chromatography
    • Lateral flow tests (LFT/LFA),  And many, many more.

Harmonise your lab equipment

                      Our software is device agnostic, so can help reduce costs as it can be used with your existing laboratory equipment, it also works with all industry-standard image formats:


                       Phoretix Toolbox supports 8-bit, 16-bit (recommended) and higher uncompressed TIFF images. Multi-page TIFFs are supported and each page is interpreted as a “channel”
                          (all of  which must have the same dimensions and pixel format).


                      While not recommended because of their low bit-depth and (sometimes) compression artifacts, these image formats can be still be analysed.

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